A Lifetime Ago & Just Yesterday

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I look back on our journey, almost two years later, with a strange sense of feeling like it was an eternity ago…..and just yesterday…..

 IMG_0551 IMG_0571

The days seemed to last forever, it was emotional, difficult, surreal…..

Words cannot express the sadness of not getting to meet my babies in their first moments of life….

IMG_0532 IMG_0527

Or not being able to hold them…..


The strangeness of asking a nurse if I was allowed to touch them…..


The overwhelming joy to see their faces for the first time…without the masks…..and “sunglasses”….

IMG_0540 IMG_0542

To feel the weight of their tiny bodies…..

IMG_0595 IMG_0625

For the opportunity to change their diapers….

IMG_0611 IMG_0615

In the midst of it, it was so intense, so raw, so scary……that all I could think….was that I would never forget…..

IMG_0912 IMG_0936

But as time goes on, I have forgotten….

I don’t think about it everyday….

The memories of the NICU….have been slowly tucked away…..

IMG_1838 IMG_1957

To make room for…..first smiles, laughs, words/signs, books, walks, playdates, cuddles, dancing, bubbles, baths, birthdays, and kisses…..

One day at a time…..


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